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Dr. Patricia Duke

Dr. Duke is a dynamic, prophetic teacher with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the uncompromised Word of God. Her teaching style crosses denominational lines with truths that are easy to comprehend, though sometimes challenging to apply. She presents the deepest revelations from Elohim (God) with boldness in a way that all can understand and receive. Dr. Duke states, "I speak on a variety of topics but they are always specific to those to whom I am addressing." The messages she delivers touches everyone's life with Elohim's (God's) presence. She has helped many find hope and restoration through Y'shua (Jesus).

"I truly believe the Scriptures have the practical answers to our everyday lives to help us overcome the challenges that we all face." shared Dr. Duke."
I believe that forgiveness is key...not only forgiveness of others but forgiveness of self as well. I have discovered the freedom to live victoriously by applying Eloheim's (God's) Word to my life." She has a passion to see the presence of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) transform peoples lives, drawing them into a more personal and intimate relationship with Y'shua (Jesus). This will enable them to become all that He has ordained them to be to live a victorious life in Him and for Him. Dr. Duke is a mighty woman of God who is full of the Word, and is an incredible teacher, visionary and motivator. You will find her to be sincere, honest and real with a warrior spirit and a prophetic anointing.  Dr. Duke has a heart to minister His love, power and healing touch to all who will receive it. Her sanctified life style, obedience and her love for YHVH (God) and His people has allowed Him to use her to touch many lives.

Praying for Israel is a burden of her heart. She has a burning desire for others to experience Eretz Yisrael... the Land of Israel. "One does not visit Israel' states Dr. Duke, " one experiences Israel. This experience is life changing and you will never be the same again!"  She extends an invitation to you to join her for one of His Heart Ministries International's 'Experience Israel' tours. You can check the 'home' page for information on an upcoming tour or email info@hisheartchurchministries.org.

Dr. Duke earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 1973  as well as a Master's of Library Science equivalent.  She was an educator in the Hillsborough County, Florida public school system for over  thirty five years. She was ordained in 1994 and earned her Master of Divinity degree in 1996 and her Doctorate of Religious Philosophy in February of 2003. Dr. Duke's ministry travels include trips to Israel, and as an accomplished speaker, she has ministered in churches throughout the United States, as well as in her home state of Florida.

Formally a Professor on the teaching staff and a member of the Board of Regents of Tabernacle Bible College, Dr. Duke remains in the position of Honorary Regent At Large. She also served as past Registrar of TBC located in Brandon, Florida and served on the ministry staff of High Places International Ministries for a number of years as well, and is still closely associated with both. For three years, she served on the ministry team for Shirley Arnold Ministries in Lakeland, FL, and is a Certified Prayer Seminar Leader trained by Intercessors International (now Increase International). Dr. Duke is a Certified Professional Life Coach with a Masters Degree in this area, which enables her to teach others in the Life Coaching Seminars. She is also a member in good standing in The Order of St. Luke the Physician. Dr. Duke has served on various ministry boards in Florida.

His Heart Ministries International is a non-profit, prophetic traveling ministry of healing, teaching and restoration to the body of Y'shua (Jesus). Dr. Duke speaks in churches of any denomination where the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) leads. Her ministry home base is located in Tampa, Florida.













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